About Freedom for All Massachusetts

Freedom for All Massachusetts (FFAM) is the campaign to preserve transgender nondiscrimination protections at the statewide ballot in Massachusetts in the 2018 election. It launched in June 2015 as a broad-based bipartisan coalition organized to update Massachusetts’ longstanding civil rights laws to include nondiscrimination protections for transgender people in public places such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. By July 2016, the law had passed by an overwhelming bipartisan supermajority of votes in both legislative chambers and was signed by Governor Charlie Baker. It went into effect on October 1, 2016.

Immediately after the law became effective, the Secretary of the Commonwealth confirmed that opponents of the law had secured the low threshold of signatures – less than 1% of the Commonwealth’s population – needed to force this commonsense update of our state law onto the 2018 ballot for potential repeal.

The goal of the Freedom for All Massachusetts campaign is to ensure that when presented in 2018 with the question of whether to continue to treat their transgender neighbors as equal members of the Commonwealth, voters will vote yes.

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